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Contract / Program Manager

Job Description and Job Title:

Contract / Program Manager for Indian Health Service (IHS) Infrastructure, Office Automation and Telecommunications (IOAT) Program

Desired Traits:

Embrace a passion to support the Indian Health Service and nurture a team dedicated to achieving success in support of the customer. The ultimate objective is to raise the physical, mental and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives throughout the continental United States and Alaska. The Indian Health Service (IHS) is the principal Federal health care provider and health advocate for American Indian people and provides a comprehensive health services delivery system for American Indians and Alaska Natives. The range of services includes traditional inpatient, ambulatory care, preventive care, and population health which is delivered through a network of hospitals and clinics distributed through 35 states. The IHS Office of Information Technology (OIT) is required to support and maintain the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the IT systems that support the IHS mission.

As an IOAT Program Manager (PM), you will support IHS Information Technology (IT) Operations, or the Division of Information Technology Operations (DITO). DITO manages technology deployed for use across the agency, and touches the lives of everyone who interacts digitally with the IHS. From the email sent/received to the web pages that provide information to the people called for help, IT Operations brings IHS information technology services to you.

The scope of duties of the IOAT PM cover hardware and software maintenance for each of the Headquarters Data Centers, IHS Enterprise Active Directory administration and support, IHS Tier 3 technical support, Enterprise applications systems development and deployment, and National Tier 3 Help desk and Tier 2 support of the Headquarters user base in support of the Infrastructure Office Automation and Telecommunication (IOAT) investment for IHS.

The IOAT PM manages the delivery of operations and maintenance services support for Information Technology (IT) for the Headquarters (HQ) Data Centers and the Enterprise IT systems that support the IHS mission and the current state IOAT investment for IHS. This includes the maintenance and improvement of the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the IT architecture and engineering, systems administration, infrastructure, storage, desktop support, and help desk services for the HQ operational IT systems as well as Tier 3 support to the IHS Regional Areas and facilities.
The IOAT PM will also support Tier 3 Infrastructure, Office Automation and Telecommunications (IOAT) support for the IHS enterprise via a tiered Service Desk defined as:
The Division of Information Technology Operations (DITO)

  • Tier 1 = Local site support at the Hospitals, Health Care Centers, and Clinics
  • Tier 2 = Regional Areas provide support to their location and to the Hospitals, Health Care Centers, and Clinics assigned to their region
  • Tier 3 = Within DITO, IOAT Teams located at headquarters offices provide support to the Regional Areas as well as their own local area network.

IOAT Program Manager Desired Experience:

Experience overseeing a number of projects and programs, managing performance and providing resources and oversight to the projects and associated entities in the organization. Experience managing many duties, including the development of project/program management plans, working with various project management teams and forming personal relationships with them, and attending conferences and meetings to show support to various project-management teams.

Must also have the ability to assess project successes and analyze and report on their potentials and risks. This includes the ability to properly review and approve projects and financial records with team members and other project managers. Must be able to establish leadership with the ability to communicate team performance to his or her team(s), as well as guide project managers as to make sure their project is going well and meets deadlines. This program manager position requires flexibility in travel in the event that travel is required to work with on-site teams and customers.

Must be familiar with data and information relating to activities that are required for effective management of the Investment by the program, including that required by the Health and Human Services (HHS) Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) and OMB Exhibit 53 and 300.

Typically, a bachelor's degree in a relevant field is needed, with an advanced degree preferred. Prior program management experience that displays strong leadership and accountability id desired. Great communication skills are also needed, as well as knowledge of basic computer software. A U.S. government security clearance or the ability to achieve a security clearance, and the ability to complete any required medical or drug screenings is required.

Government Program Manager Tasks

  1. Provide recommendations to assist the government with the development of strategic goals and objectives regarding technical architecture, database design, Customer support improvement opportunities, security configurations and use of emerging technologies to improve service level agreements, Data Center support, Enterprise Application availability and Tier 3 support and overall Enterprise Architecture.
  2. Experience in managing multiple task orders (15 plus) and a large staff of 100 plus disbursed across multiple IHS customer locations.
  3. The ability to provide customer assistance regarding contract services at the start of the contract.
  4. Ability to meet with KO/CORs with two (2) hour notice during normal business hours.
  5. Attend quarterly meeting with COR and Contracting Personnel to discuss contract progress and any contract concerns and provide minutes of the meeting the following day to the client.
  6. Ability to operating a variety of computer software packages (Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
  7. Must be a team player
  8. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  9. Ability to solve problems
  10. Must be US Citizen
  11. Will be located in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  12. Execute and refine a portfolio of program initiatives to meet IHS organizational goals.
  13. Develop and refine the scope of the program in response to evolving organizational and community context as required by the client.
  14. Support program initiatives with marketing copy, samples, market research or other key data.
  15. Build and leverage community and federal relationships to promote and support the program.
  16. Support  Corporate business development goals through participation and resource coordination.


Interested and eligible candidates are requested to send their CV together with personal details by e-mail address

Temporary Deployment Technician
Job Type: Temporary

Imaging, installation and configuration of personal computers and peripherals including operating systems, hardware and software to attach workstations to a Local Area Network.

Record all work in Remedy ticketing system.

Possess 2+ year experience of enterprise level imaging for PC’s in a Windows Networked environment – Setup PC computers for users Technical Experience / Knowledge Requirements: Microsoft products; Windows 7; Active Directory; Thorough understanding of computer platforms and desktop operating systems; Installation and configuration, of personal computers and peripherals including operating systems, hardware/software to attach workstations to the network, various approved desktop applications, email client software, internet access tools, and remote access software.

Requires two years of work experience in the field of hardware/software operations including at least one year of concentrated hands-on experience in the specific discipline's) of IT. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to communicate and interact with all levels of employees and staff. Must demonstrate ability to work independently and be resourceful.

Public Trust Clearance you must be US Citizen, criminal or civil background checks, pre-employment drug screening, fingerprinting, and completion of the required government security forms for government facility access clearance.

Must be able to lift and carry 50lbs.

Assignment is quoted to last 3-6 months but it may vary.


Interested and eligible candidates are requested to send their CV together with personal details by e-mail address

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