Wichita Tribal Enterprises wins Indian Health Services Web Support Services Contract


 (August 1, 2017, Houston, TX) Wichita Tribal Enterprises (WTE) with offices in Houston, TX was selected by Indian Health Services (IHS) to provide Web Support Services for IHS Information Technology in Albuquerque, NM. The contract value is $9.9 million.  WTE will provide Web Support services including design, implementation and maintenance of all web services utilized by IHS and its employees.  The work will take place at IHS in Albuquerque, NM.

 The Firm Fixed Price Labor Hour contract began August 1, 2017 and the period of performance for the contract is August 1, 2017 through July 31, 2022.  The base contract is for one year, with four one-year extension option.  The major subcontractor for this contract is Phacil, Inc. headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

 S. Robert White, Jr., WTE President/CEO stated, “I am excited about this contract win and the opportunity to broaden our work base into the Agency of Indian Health Services. This contract will add some great capability to our overall portfolio and will be a great asset to the company."

 Wichita Tribal Enterprises (WTE) is a Native American, Tribal owned, 8(a) certified, small disadvantaged business with office in Houston, Texas, Cleveland, Ohio and Albuquerque, New Mexico.  For more information on WTE, please go to www.wichita-tribe.com.



WTE attends the Association of Government Accountants and American Society of Military Comptrollers Professional Development Conference


April, 2017, (Cleveland, OH) – WTE employees recently attended the 2017 Association of Government Accountants (AGA)/American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) Professional Development Conference.  The event had a number of educational breakout sessions featuring guest speakers covering an array of Government and financial topics.  This year’s theme for the event was “Catching the Wave through Change”.    


Participants attending the conference were Andrea Price, Bryce Basista, De Viancourt, Jim Kubera and Trevor Leisinger (pictured left to right).  Damien Cannane and Connor Suba also attended the event and are not pictured.


Financial Analysis and Business Services Support (FABSS II) Team Members tour NASA Glenn Research Center Facilities

March, 2017, (Cleveland, OH) – FABSS II Wichita Tribal Enterprises, LLC (WTE) and ARES Corporation employees toured multiple NASA Glenn Research Center facilities as part of a training event and a way to see up close the products and research they are supporting as part of their day to day work activities.  The facilities toured were the Icing Research Tunnel which can produce winds up to 350 knots and temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius, and the Simulated Lunar Operations Lab which tests equipment vehicles in soil.


Monica Moore (FABSS II ARES Corporation) is pictured above in front of a fan inside the Icing Research Tunnel.

Pictured above is a vehicle in soil at the Simulated Lunar Operations Lab



WTE Kennedy Institutional Support Services III Contract Employee receives Certificate of Appreciation


March 2017, KSC Florida – WTE KISS III Employee, Susan Kasica was recently presented with a KSC Certificate of Appreciation by NASA Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana and NASA Associate Administrator for Human Exploration & Operations, Bill Gerstenmaier.  Susan was presented the award for her diligent work and attention to detail in the roles of Training Coordinator and Directorate Facility Utilization Manager.  She was vigilant in keeping employees informed of training opportunities as well as making sure employees were compliant with that training.  Susan was instrumental in several moves around the center for the Commercial Crew Program at KSC.


“Susan is a hard worker and is very diligent in providing the necessary requirements for the team to make sure everyone gets their job done.  We are very proud of Susan and all that she has accomplished and provided to not only the KISS III team but to WTE as well”, stated WTE President/CEO, Robert White.


Pictured Above from Left to right: KSC Center Director Bob Cabana, WTE Employee Susan Kasica and Associate Administrator for Human Exploration & Operations Bill Gerstenmaier



Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, February 23, 2017

(Kennedy Space Center, FL – February 2017) - WTE employee, Bethanne Hull, coordinated the initiative of Introduce a girl to engineering Day at KSC.  Each year, colleges and universities as well as K-12 schools and organizations across the country participate in National Engineers Week; this year it was February 19-25th.  February 23rd was "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day" where schools were encouraged to engage and introduce girls to the engineering world. National Engineering Week chose the 23rd as it coincided with the worldwide initiative "Girl Day". 


NASA recognizes its need to empower women and to utilize the full range of talented students across our country that will someday enter the workforce.  To better serve that mission, we have partnered with the NASA Digital Learning Network to provide programing access to schools nationwide. KSC led the effort to provide all schools in the United States access to the brilliant women of NASA. A host of female technical experts and scientists began speaking with students at 9:00 am. Through this initiative, we estimate we introduced over 24,000 students to the world of engineering. #Engineerlikeagirl


 WTE KISS III Employee spearheads a great volunteer opportunity


(Kennedy Space Center, FL – February 2017) - Marianne Pariso, a Wichita Tribal Enterprises (WTE) employee, has spearheaded volunteerism for the last six years with her office colleagues by fulfilling Brevard County, Florida senior citizens’ holiday wishes.


This program is through Meals-on-Wheels and Seniors-At-Lunch with Aging Matters in Brevard. Each senior writes down three gifts they would like or need (i.e., large-number watches, sheets and pillows, Ensure and snacks, etc.) and then the WTE employee posts the first name of the senior, his/her age, and the three wishes. The seniors are then “adopted” by the employees who choose to participate by selecting a name and shopping for his/her senior citizen. The WTE employee then delivers the gifts to Aging Matters in Brevard to be given out through Meals-on-Wheels (for the homebound) or at the holiday party at Seniors-At-Lunch (for the more mobile seniors).


KSC’s Robotics Team – The PINK Team

(Kennedy Space Center, FL – February 2017) - Over the last nine months, WTE Employee, Jolene Buscampel, has supported the reviving and sustaining of KSC’s FIRST Robotics team, The PINK Team. Andy Bradley and Greg Clements recruited and led a group of NASA’s veteran engineers and young up-and-comers in strategy meetings that led to the Engineering Directorate’s backing of the “The PINK Team”.


The FIRST Robotics competition season kicked off January 7th when the game was revealed. Forty high school students, parents, teachers, and NASA engineers met at KSC to watch as FIRST organization revealed the season’s game and rules. Game animation may be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMiNmJW7enI. Guided by electrical, mechanical, software, and systems engineers, students from four area high schools were able to design and build a robot in six short weeks.


Please view the video prepared by Public Affairs for the team. In Andy’s words, “It’s short and sweet, and it really captures what we [PINK] are all about.”